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Growing with Restless Development

A few years ago we partnered with Restless Development, a youth-led development agency whose mission is to place young people at the forefront of change and development. And we’re very proud that many of these bright young people have been working for us at Waffle On for well over two years. We fell that much of our company’s success has been built on their energy, enthusiasm and their togetherness as a young team.

Consequently, we wanted to help channel and develop this spirit and make a positive impact on their lives. And more importantly, the lives of other young people. To achieve this, we wanted to work with a charity partner that felt like the right association, complemented our own beliefs, and suited many of the needs of our staff. We found Restless Development, an aid organisation first and foremost…but one with a difference. They are founded upon the belief in the power of young people. Set up as local network, in ten countries across Africa, Asia and in the UK and USA, their work is led by by thousands of young volunteers and advocates every year.

Most famously, the charity has helped eradicate Ebola through knowledge with their campaign in Sierra Leone: Restless built a huge network of local young people who went out and taught their communities how the disease spreads. Especially via the handling and burial of their dead relatives. This educational programme had an immediate impact, stopping the epidemic very efficiently. In the UK, their priority campaign is Youth Stop Aids where they are mobilising young people across the UK to speak out, take action, and engage Governments, global institutions and corporations to help end AIDS by 2030.

Giving young people a voice, a living, sexual rights, and enabling them to become leaders in solving some of the world’s challenges is an ethos Waffle On can support. It was an easy choice to join their movement, raise money and to educate. It also presents an amazing opportunity for our staff… for their personal growth; developing skills, building confidence and extending their own network of contacts.

We’ve funds from sales of their waffles at both The Southbank and Maltby Street Market. Campaigns will continue through the year.

Take a further look and get involved: http://restlessdevelopment.org/

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